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Outstanding display and packaging solutions

At Jayna Packaging, we firmly believe the ordinary just will not do. We consistently search for and create the extraordinary solution for your display, packaging and dispensing requirements.

Our award winning efforts have made innumerable products stand out of the crowd, attract attention and evoke the desire to buy.

We specialize in :

  • Packaging that becomes a part of the reason to buy.
  • Counter displays that the competition cannot counter.
  • Promotional packs that end up as collectors items.
  • Sharpen brand visibility
  • Improve brand recall
  • Promotional packs with try me appeal

Our efforts are attuned to:

  • Creating promotional displays with the “tye me” appeal.

We specialize in creating products with corrugated board and specialize have expertise in engineering three dimensional shapes, containers and displays that match practical end purposes.

Our end products are:

  • Floor Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Hang Shell
  • Burgo pack
  • Jayna - Easyrizer series auto install floor displays
  • Jayna – Burgo pack innovative packaging
  • Jayna Innovations

Jayna Packaging has been in the packaging, display and promotional industry for the past two decades and has served some of the leading Indian and multinational brands.

Custom Designed and Engineered

Jayna Packaging offers ad agencies, brand owners and retail outlets an end to end solution that spans the distance from ideation to delivery.We have the team to design your three dimensional display/packaging, with an ability to prototype the product and mass manufacture it to your specifications.

Investing in the latest technology to enhance capabilities

Jayna Packaging consistently invests in cutting edge technology to enhance our capabilities and improve our turn around times.

We have recently installed the state of the art ESKO Graphic machine that enables us to modularize and produce complex three dimensional forms from digital CAD designs.

International Tie ups

  • Packaging has an exclusive tie up with the pioneers in self installing POP and POS display systems - Easyrizer – from the United Kingdom.
  • We also have a tie up with BurgoPak (UK); an innovative packaging system that doubles up as a presentation and delivery system.
  • Jayna Packaging has the exclusive rights to manufacture these patented products in the Indian market.

Jayna Packaging

  • Sharpen brand visibility
  • Improve brand recall
  • Promotional packs with “Try Me” appeal
  • Our Products

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Our Facilities

  • 1. HP Scitex FB500 Printer
  • 2. Kongsberg XP Auto - Esko
  • 3. Corrugate machine - Micro Make
  • 4. Laminating machine - China Make
  • 5. Flute sheet pasting machine - China Make
  • 6. Punching machine - Japan Make
  • 7. Hot melt Equipment - Graco
  • 8. Flat bed die cutting machine

Vision & Mission

"We are driven by the vision of thinking beyond the box and creating innovative packaging, display, promotional and dispensing solutions based on our extensive capabilities in cardboard engineering.Our solutions communicate the brand message by combining aesthetics, utility and practicability in a unique and memorable fashion."


Corrugated sheets have universally been known for the dull, cube box used to pack and transport merchandise. As corrugated board engineers, we do anything but the dull old boring corrugated box. Innovation is our trademark and we give equal emphasis to utility and aesthetics. Our philosophy of innovation, and thinking beyond the box applies to all our key relationships. We work with our clients as a partner and help evolve truly beneficial and hard hitting promotional, packaging, dispensing and POS/POP display solutions. Our way to growth has been via fulfillment of our client’s needs.